1. Click op any link button 'Register for class'. You will be sent to 

  2. Make a new account on Ledenbeheer (under the name of parent/guardian/18+).

  3. If registration is for yourself please select the mandatory insurance and then the lessons you wish to follow in the shopping basket. 

  4. Members from the same family can be added to the same account. 

  5. Select each member separately and add the madatory insurance and desired lessons and add to the shopping basket.   

  6. Check the shopping basket. Discounts for multiple lessons per member per yearly payment is calculated automatically and reflects in your basket. 

  7. Click on CONFIRM. 

  8. Payments can be made directly online, or through bank transfer. Cash payments are only possible in Dansstudio Indigo. 

  9. Once we have received your payment, you can download and print registration papers to submit to your insurance company to receive a small refund. 

  10. Check the schedules regularly on your account. Any changes will be communicated by email and the schedule will also be updated to reflect changes. 

  11. Please contact us using the form below this page if you have questions. We will do everything we can to help you.  

Prices 2020-2021


Pointes 30 min: € 50

Lessen 45 min: € 80

Lessen 1u: € 95

Lessen 1u15 of meer: € 100



Pointes 30 min: € 90

Lessen 45 min: € 150

Lessen 1u: € 180

Lessen 1u15 of meer: € 190

Korting vanaf 3e les OP JAARBASIS per cursist.

Belangrijk: Verzekering is verplicht en kost 5€. Inschrijven kan enkel via Ledenbeheer.